The Gamers’ Guide to the Witch

Sean & Barry continue their class discussion series with this episode dedicated to the Witch.

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16 Responses to The Gamers’ Guide to the Witch

  1. Aeyrs says:

    You guys are awesome, but I have to quibble – cackle can’t extend slumber. It only works on agony, charm, evil eye, fortune and misfortune.

  2. gigz says:

    Additionally, the Slumber Hex has a duration of 1 minute per level (akin to the sleep spell) vice only one round. Under the description of the sleep spell, noise and light will not wake the sleeper but they can be woken with a standard action.

    • Grazzt says:

      Actually, it’s only one round per level. That’s why they were only talking about it having one round, because they were talking about a first level witch.

  3. nanoboy says:

    I have a request. I have never run nor played Pathfinder (my last DnD game was more than 10 years ago using 3E, and I have only played it.) Generally, I am a GURPS GM, but I was considering giving Pathfinder a whirl. I would love to hear your take on the use of challenge ratings and how they really work in practice.

  4. Grazzt says:

    Slumber has one other weakness you didn’t touch on. It only has a range of 30 feet, that doesn’t grow at all as the witch levels. So if you want to do an encounter with a single creature, you can either use a creature that has a lot of ranged attacks (another spellcaster, an archer) or alternatively one with so much reach that coming close enough to cast slumber puts the witch in the creature’s melee reach, making it a bigger risk to use (a Huge humanoid with a spear).

  5. Aeyrs says:

    Really looking forward to the inquisitor discussion. Do you two have an ETA?

  6. mitch says:

    I have to say this is the greatest Pathfinder podcast out there keep it up

  7. rob7030 says:

    Just found this podcast, listened to this episode (have a level 2 witch in my current campaign), and this is pretty damned good. Gonna go listen to your other stuff, just wanted to say that I appreciate what y’all are putting out here.

  8. Laura says:

    I agree with the most recent commenter- I would love to see you guys start the podcast back up!! I just can’t find another Pathfinder podcast out there that I like even half as much. I took over GMing our current campaign a few months ago- it’s my first attempt, even though I’ve played in many campaigns- and your cast has given me more inspiration and useful techniques to try than… well, anything. And it’s going great so far, so thank you!! But I’m almost done listening to all your podcasts, and I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m done… Cry I guess :P

    • Thanks! I would really like to start back up… life just makes it hard. I am moving even further away from Barry this weekend so in person stuff will be pretty much impossible. On the other hand, I am optimistic that this new job will allow more time in the evenings… so who knows… skype is a thing.

      For other podcasts I would recommend if you haven’t checked them out already…
      3.5 Private Sanctuary (has a good amount of stuff applicable to Pathfinder as well since that is what they play now)
      Know Direction (Pathfinder news and reviews)
      Fear the Boot (generally good RP and generic advise that can be system neutral)
      Chronicles Pathfinder Podcast (very high quality and LONG, but also sporadic in release… not throwing stones, I know how hard it can be)

      • Laura says:

        I hear ya about life. Good luck with the new job! And yes, Skype is definitely a thing. One of my favorite geeky (drunken) podcasts is put on by friends of friends down in New Jersey (Loaded Dice Cast) and every episode includes people on Skype or something similar… seems to work well!

        And thanks for the recommendations for podcasts! I was aware of the first two- but I didn’t know 3.5 Private Sanctuary had much to do with Pathfinder, so that’s cool! And with Know Direction- I’m personally not as big on the news, interviews, or Adventure Path stuff… but looking through their list of their shows, it appears they cover quite a bit more than that, so I’ll do some more sifting.

        As for that last two, sweet! More to check out. Thanks again :)

  9. Aoann says:

    I just listened to this and you guys said that you can get the split hex feat at 10 but isn’t that really at level 11?

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