The Gamers’ Guide to Dipping

A discussing on what dipping is and how it can help you build the character concept you wanted to play.

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4 Responses to The Gamers’ Guide to Dipping

  1. Josh says:

    I started listening to your show today and overall it is great.

    However, it sounded like you, like many players of D&D, do not truly grasp how useful a Bard is. Maybe I missed it during the podcast, but it seemed you skipped over some of the reasons to dip bard for any PC with an appreciable CHA modifier, namely Versatile Performance and spells. Versatile Performance lets you use your perform skill in place of certain other skills (Charisma based Sense Motive and Acrobatics? Yes please!!). Spells allow you to use some spell trigger items such as wands without worrying about a UMD check so you can now stock up on wands of haste or good hope or any other useful spells you may need.

    I do, however, need to thank you for your sorcerer advice. Having never truly been a fan of the sorcerer I sort of skimmed over the class entry in the core book and ultimate magic. I never noticed the Fey/Infernal cross-blooded boost to a controller/puppet-master bard’s save DCs. Playing in a game that allows 3.5 material, I am working on a Sublime Chord character and my level 9 enchantment spells will now have a save DC of 35. Thank you!! 🙂

    • Both Barry and I absolutely LOVE the bard. For me it is a love affair that has gone back to 2nd edition. They are flexible, have a TON of flavor, have almost limitless skinning possibilities, are useful in just about any group… yeah, the bard is great.

      We did move past the bard pretty quick as I recall though. I think I got in a mention of their inspire courage and opening up a spell list (huge since you then have access to any of those spells on magic items like wands and scrolls). But you are right, we didn’t really go into the skills much at all (in pathfinder they are not as huge a deal as it is a static +3 for a class skill and no real minus for cross class skills) or Versatile Performance at all. Versatile Performance in particular is a great point since it is a skill multiplier.

      Anyway, glad you liked it. Even if we miss stuff (we always will either because we just missed it, didn’t think of it, or didn’t have room to include it in a podcast we were trying to hurry through to keep length reasonable).

      Also, most of the discussions on the podcasts have been going on over at where they have been kind enough to include us on their gaming shelf of podcasts. Come on over and register!


  2. Austin says:

    u mention how terrible the oracle is for dipping because their curse is in full force at first level and doesn’t get better. If u read the Oracles curse their ability is based on class level plus 1 per 2 levels other than oracle. I enjoy dipping oracle over cleric with barbarian or fighter and although u wont turn ur curse into much of a benifit it would negate much of the drawback. since some of those drawbacks aren’t that bad for fighter types i find that having more spells per day is a bit better than cleric.

    • You are absolutely right. In fact it was pointed out to me that a Barbarian 8/Oracle 1 could be immune to fatigue. That would allow the Barbarian to enter and exit rage every round… meaning per rage powers would turn into per round powers… that’s a pretty big deal and is definitely a big point in favor of dipping the oracle. I will fully admit that I undervalued the power of an oracle dip.

      Anyway, feel free to join in the conversations over on, we are set up on the forums there now.


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