The Gamers’ Guide to the Alchemist

Sean and Barry continue the class discussion series with an in-depth discussion of the Alchemist class from the APG.

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3 Responses to The Gamers’ Guide to the Alchemist

  1. Wayne Coady says:

    Whats the best way to download your podcast. I want to listen to it on my phone.

    • I suppose it depends on what type of phone it is.

      Personally I use iTunes as my podcatcher, which would sink up nicely with an iphone. If you have an android though you would need to grab another podcatcher and sink from there. Finally you can download directly and place the MP3 files on your phone and just listen like you would a mp3 song. Probably the easiest place to find the files is over at our boards:

      You can also find a lively community there discussing the podcasts from the 3.5 gaming shelf of podcasts. They may have some better suggestions for you as well.

  2. Adam Willson says:

    Loved this podcast! Started creating a Gnome Alchemist for a Dark Sun style campaign and was second guessing my class choice, until I listened to this. The talk about the power of bombs for damage and also crowd control really got me, and the brainstorming about outside-the-box bomb flavor really got me going. Now I’m super excited to play my dark sun under dweller cannibal gnome, who bombs with earthbending! (Though vivisectionist is more apt flavor-wise, so I’m really looking into that option, too.)

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