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The Gamers’ Guide to Naval Combat

Sean & Barry discuss Naval Combat in your game, as presented in the Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide Advertisements

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The Gamers’ Guide to the Witch

Sean & Barry continue their class discussion series with this episode dedicated to the Witch.

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The Gamers’ Guide to Romance

A discussion on many of the impacts of love and romance on your game

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Special Announcement: The Gamers’ Guide to 4E

A very special episode of the Gamers’ Guide in which Barry shares the sad news and the new vision of the podcast.

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The Gamers’ Guide to the Alchemist

Sean and Barry continue the class discussion series with an in-depth discussion of the Alchemist class from the APG.

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The Gamers’ Guide to Character Death.

The round table discussion finally continues when Sean & Barry are joined by Trent to discuss the implications of player death… er… character death on your game, players and assorted other things.

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The Gamers’ Guide to Party Treasure

A discussion on the methods of splitting party treasure and the effects on wealth by level

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