The Gamers’ Guide to Cavaliers

A discussion of the Cavalier class from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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The Gamers’ Guide to Pets

A discussion on the rules and vagaries of the leadership feat, animal companions, and familiars.

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The Gamers’ Guide to The Haunting of Harrowstone

A GM only review and set of recommendations for running the Haunting of Harrowstone, first adventure in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path


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The Gamers’ Guide to Words of Power

Sean & Barry discuss the new alternate magic system, Words of Power, from Ultimate Magic.


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Nugget 0026 – The Lost Nugget

During the recording of our Vehicles and Caravans podcast I had sound difficulties with out very first nugget. Brought to you now through the magic of further editing (and with some buzzing still audible when we talk) is the legendary LOST nugget!

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The Gamers’ Guide to Player Types

Just two guys discussing the common types of problem players that appear at gaming tables and how to deal with them.

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The Gamers’ Guide to Vehicles and Caravans

A discussion on the vehicle rules presented in Ultimate Combat and the Caravan rules presented in the Player’s Guide to the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

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