The Gamers’ Guide to Romance

A discussion on many of the impacts of love and romance on your game

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3 Responses to The Gamers’ Guide to Romance

  1. Saint Mac says:

    Hey guys, great podcast! I’ve been pro-relationship for my gamers and as a player for years. Its one demention of the game that everyone needs to take another look at. Fantastic for backstory of a character and adding another layer of story.

    Look forward to your next podcast!

    St Mac

  2. Tessa says:

    Great podcast! I’ve always enjoyed using romance in my games. I was actually introduced to the idea by a group of players, who got to like their party cohort so much that they nudged him into a relationship with another of their friendly NPCs.
    The most fun I’ve ever had with romance was a PC/NPC relationship. I was GMing, and one of the characters was a tiefling who was captured by a band of savage humans. He managed to use his fiendish heritage and a few gimmicks to convince them that he was a scion of their god–so in reward, they made him part of their community, gave him a wife, etc. It was great (and pretty funny) to watch him struggle to figure out how to deal with a wife he didn’t know from another culture, who was now his responsibility.

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